Frequently Asked Questions


How sure are Surebetsite Predictions?

Surebet goes the extra mile to give VIP tips which are nearly 100% accurate. Our Multibet winning rate for soccer bets is 95%. The free sure bet tips are however not as accurate, and that is deliberate so as to get you to subscribe.

Do you give a free trial of sure bet predictions?

No. Surebet only gives free tips and VIP tips. You need to pay to receive VIP tips. If we were to give free trials, some individuals may register under different names and keep receiving free trials for eternity.

What is included in the premium package?

The premium package includes 5 sure bets from the following categories:

  1. 1X2 Football Tips
  2. Correct Score predictions
  3. Asian Handicap Tips
  4. GG and NG Predictions
  5. Over and Under Predictions
  6. Half Time Tips
The total odds of these bets can be very high if combined. However, the package also comes with recommendations of multibet combos to use for every day's tips.

Why is Surebetsite the best football prediction service?

Below are the reasons:

  1. The staff are professionals with several years experience in the betting and sports industries
  2. We have international contacts and networks that enable us access pre match information that is hard to come by as a common punter
  3. Our customer service is comparable to none.

Betting Markets

What are Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap predictions are expert forecasts of betting outcomes of matches where one team is considered significantly weaker than the other and unlike Euro handicaps, these have no provisions for draws. This betting method which is very popular in Asian countries is used by bookies in a bid to make a game more even as Bookmarkers state on their website. An example of the Asian Handicap is the Draw No-bet where you bet on either team to win and you are refunded in case of a draw.

What are European Handicaps?

Euro Handicap predictions are forecasts of betting outcomes where two teams with a huge difference in winning probabilities are involved and thus the stronger team has to win by more than one goal to be considered the winner. For instance, a Euro Handicap of 2 goals means that the stronger team has to win with at least 3 goals to be considered to have won the match. The term handicap therefore conveniently means that the weaker team is considered to be handicapped by a certain number of goals in the face of the stronger team. The European handicap betting market is more profitable than the conventional 1X2 market since it comes with enhanced odds for the outcomes.

Which betting market is the most profitable

Profitablility in betting depends on the amount of stake used, the odds of the bets and the accuracy of your predictions. As Surebetsite, we make our customers most profit from 1x2 (win-draw-win) tips, Correct score tips and Handicaps. You can therefore use these three categories if you are seeking maximum profits from your bets.

What are Half Time/Full Time bets?

This betting market allows you to predict the winner for each of the two halves in soccer matches. The halves are independent meaning a team can lose the oveall game but be the winner of one of the halves. For example, Team A can score 2 goals during the first half while Team B scores Zero during the same period. Team A is therefore the winner of the first half. Team B can then score 5 goals during the second half while Team A scores only 1 goal during the second half. The outcome for the HT/FT market for this match will therefore represented as 1/2, assuming Team A is the home team while Team B is the away Team.

Can I include more than 1 betting market in one slip?

Yes you can have bets from different betting markets in one betting slip or ticket. There is no limitation for the number of betting markets you can include in your slip. It is however important to note that you can not choose multiple options in one betting market. For example, you can have slip with a GG/NG bet and Over/Under bet in one slip but you can not choose both GG and NG for the same match in the same ticket.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:

  1. Payal
  2. Mpesa
  3. Vodacom Mpesa
  4. Credit Card or Debit Card
  5. Skrill
  6. Western Union
  7. Flutterwake
  8. Stripe
  9. Chipper
  10. MTN Uganda
If your preferred mode of payment dies not appear here please feel free to contact us to help you get around that problem.

What currencies do you accept?

We accept all major currencies in the world.

Can I pay for tips after receiving them?

No. All payments are made before receiving tips.

I only have bitcoin, how can I pay?

Before paying with Bitcoin, please make sure to contact us first. We will then guide you how to do it safely.

Can I pay if I am in West Africa?

Yes, West Africvan customers mostly pay through PayPal, Skrill or Chipper Cash. Chipper Cash is especially cheap to set up and use in sending money since the pasyments are delivered immediately. Chipper Cash is also free for all to use. You can also use your credit or debit card in making a payment. You need to go to our payments page and click on the PayPal icon. You however don’t have to register for Paypal to use it in sending money through your bank’s credit card.

In case of any questions or comments feel free to contact us through

Customer Service

How long doest one have to wait to receive tips after payment?

Surebet customer care agents will send you tis almost immediately after receiving your payment. We strive to serve you within 30 minutes after payment. If your tips delay after payment please send an email to for immediate assistance.

How will I receive VIP tips?

You will receive tips by text, email & whatsapp depending on your location and if you are comfortable with those modes. You will also receive a password you will use to log in to the VIP page.

Can I call your office?

Yes. Feel free to call us on +254700926210 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.